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The "Any-Time-Anywhere" Workout

Updated: Jul 15, 2019


Traveling for work.

On vacation.

Don't have a gym membership.

Want to train outside.

Don't have any equipment at home...

You can come up with many reasons to inhibit yourself from getting in a great workout. To counter that, repeat after me: My body is the best and most essential tool for movement.

Your body is all you need to make the most out of your time working out, no matter where you are or what tools you have for your practice.


Here's a workout that you can do Any-Time-Anywhere. There's no equipment necessary. All you need is your body and a bit of space. It's a fairly simple workout that will surprise you with how challenging it feels.

Rather than going through the motions, take this time to really be present with your body and create as much muscular engagement as possible. You can load your body by learning how to effectively create tension. And it is super important that you learn how to do so in order to move efficiently and safely before loading your body with extra weight. Plus, when you focus on activating fully and committing to the integrity of each movement, you will stimulate your soft tissues (muscles), while engaging and challenging your neurological system. And this is when adaptations occur.

Try out this "ATA Workout" a few times per week for a month. I recommend incorporating it into your regular weekly routine. Don't have one yet? This is a great workout to help you develop a consistent movement practice.


Here is the breakdown of the "ATA Workout":

*The Warm-Up includes active mobility work for your joints and a full-body stretch sequence to get your body moving and your breath flowing.

*Circuit A includes two isometric exercises to help train your body to hold tension. The third exercise is a dynamic movement path to the floor and back up.

*Circuit B includes squats and some locomotion patterns. All of these movements help develop full-body integration and will also help you learn to move your limbs while maintaining trunk stability.



The Warm up: perform 2 sets

*Scapula CARs - x5 - Each Direction

*Standing Hip CARs - x3 Each Side

*World's Greatest Stretch - x3


Circuit A: perform 3 sets

*Beast Hold - x30seconds

*Sit Through - x10 (alternating sides)

*Hollow Body Hold - x30seconds


Circuit B: perform 4 sets

* Air Squat - x15

*Crab Crawl - x16 steps (forward & backward)

*Beast to Plank - x60seconds


Have questions? Or want to inquire about working with me as your online coach? I'd love to help you out! Reach out to me and let's get you started with an amazing movement practice.

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