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4 Week Kettlebell Jumpstart Program

4 Week Kettlebell Jumpstart Program


Build a strong foundation and gain the confidence you need to take your kettlebellin' to the next level with this 4 week DIY program. 

I have designed this program for the beginner kettlebell athlete, who wants to dive deeper into kettlebell training and commit to learning proper technique. 

The 4 Week KB Jumpstart is a downloadable and interactive booklet that you will have access to for life! And you can save it as an app on your phone, that way you can take it with you wherever you go!


Features of the program include:

-instructional guide to kettlebell training

-detailed exercise tutorials for each workout

-two training phases of the program

-each phase includes 2 Kettlebell Workouts and 1 Mobility Routine


By the end of the 4 week program, you will build a strong and solid foundation for your kettlebell training! You will master the deadlift, armbar, goblet squat, deadclean, strict press, and the single arm clean!


And you will also learn how to incorporate active mobility work into your strength training routine, which will create a well-balanced body, helping you to achieve more dynamic skills with your kettlebell in the future!


So dive deep into your kettlebell training with me. To help support your along the way, make sure to subscribe to the Iron Mobility youtube channel for extra free content and follow me on instagram @hallie_yourkettlebellcoach too! Let's connect!


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